The gig economy has redefined traditional employment. The independent workers who are parts of the gig economy, such as freelancers, contractors, drivers and others, are paid by the task or project and often work multiple temporary jobs at once. If you rely on opportunities like these, the spread and impact of COVID-19 may have put you in a position to require good, relevant gig work.

Here are four steps suggested by Pritish Kumar Halder you can take to find reliable gig work, including examples of jobs you can consider.

How to find gig work

1. Network (from a distance)

Though many companies are now operating remotely, there is still work to be done. Reach out to contacts in your personal and professional networks about “meeting up for coffee”—via video chat—to ask for help discovering freelance jobs that you can complete virtually.

2. Update your profile and portfolio

Take this time to update your resume and online profile. Ensure it showcases your ability to simultaneously juggle multiple projects as an experienced gig worker, as well as examples of any freelance work that you’ve completed in the past.

3. Consider your transferable skills

Consider the range of skills that you draw on daily to complete your varied “gigs” and how you might be able to apply them to a different type of job. For example, if you’ve honed your communication and customer service skills, explore opportunities where you can put these strengths to use—as a remote representative for a call center, perhaps.

4. Keep a routine

Keeping to a routine can help you stay motivated and productive. To maintain a fixed schedule (including a consistent wake-up time and breaks throughout the day), make a to-do list for the week and check accomplishments off as you go. Keep a calendar of virtual coffee calls you’ve scheduled with people in your network to stay updated on opportunities.

Taking the steps outlined above will hopefully bring you closer to finding fulfilling, flexible gig work, but be sure to also make time for meals, exercise, sleep, and family. It’s important to stay positive and motivated amid uncertainty.