Tips to prepare for Industrial Engineering Related Interview by Pritish Kumar Halder

1. What are the uses of time standards?

Various uses of time standards are:

  • Wage incentive plans and plant layout
  • Plant capacity studies and production planning and control
  • Standard costs and budgetary control
  • Cost reduction activities and product design
  • Tool design and top-management controls
  • Equipment selection and bidding for new business
  • Machine loading and effective labour utilization
  • Material-handling studies

2. What is Autofacturing?

Autofacturing is a production system that is comprised primarily of automated equipment which is configured as several integrated subsystems, using one common database and computer controls to make, test and transport specifically designed products at high and uniform quality levels meeting flexible specifications with a minimum of human effort. There are many levels of autofacturing from individual cells, all the way up to a complete and integrated system. Most situations are somewhere in between, but progressing toward a total system.

3. What is psychomotor behaviour?

Psychomotor behaviour is the activity of receiving sensory input signals and interpreting and physically responding to them. Humans can receive inputs by vision, hearing, smell, and the cutaneous senses, which respond to temperature, mechanical energy, or electrical energy. Kinesthesis and the vestibular sense inform about location and position. Vision followed by hearing are the most important senses for transmitting signals carrying complex information for decisions and for control of MMSs. Signals for warning or alerting need not be complex and can
be transmitted by one or a combination of the sensory channels. The choice is determined by the situation and the task being performed by the person or persons to be warned rather than by differences in modality reaction times.

4. What is the difference between productivity and a productive system?

Productivity can be defined as the measure of the amount of input required to produce a given output or it can be also be defined as the ratio of output to input, whereas production system can be explained as a system in which a few inputs are given to get the required output through some transformation processes.

5. What is Industrial engineering? How important are statistics in industrial engineering?

Industrial Engineering is the engineering of the design of production systems. An Industrial Engineer analyzes and designs the whole system to integrate the components of people, machines, and facilities to create efficient and effective systems, which produce goods and beneficial services to humanity. Statistics are important to analyze the problem and controlling it for the good production.

6. What environmental controls?

Environmental Controls Systems and equipment required for air and water pollution abatement generally carry increased fuel and maintenance labor and materials costs. Reductions in plant output resulting from the higher condensing pressures associated with cooling-tower
operation or the added auxiliary power for stack gas clean-up systems lower plant efficiency and increase fuel consumption.

7. On what bases time study methods can be calculated?

Application of past experience. The time required to do the operation in the past, either recorded or remembered, may be used as the present standard or as a basis for estimating a standard for a similar operation or the same operation being done under changed conditions.
Direct observation and measurement. The operation may be observed and its time recorded as it is actually performed and adjustments may be made to allow for the estimated pace rate of the operator and for special allowances.
Synthetic techniques. A time standard for an actual or proposed operation may be constructed from the sum of the times to perform its several components. The times of the components are extracted from standard charts, tables, graphs, and formulas in manuals or in computer databases and totaled to arrive at the overall time for the entire operation.

8. Why a virtual corporation is used?

The virtual corporation is used to identify those combinations of business and industry where technology is used to execute a wide array of temporary alliances in order to grasp specific market opportunities. With business becoming more complex and global, it is highly likely there will be more partnerships emerging among companies and entrepreneurs.

9. How improvements can be made in designing the parts?

Improvements can be made by:

  • simplifying the design through reduction of the number of parts,
  • reducing the number of operations required to produce the design,
  • reducing the length of travel in the manufacture of the design, and
  • utilizing a better material in design.

10. How the costs of the products and throughput time can be reduced while handling materials?

It can be done by following the below-mentioned points:

  • reduction of time spent picking up material
  • maximum use of mechanical handling equipment
  • better use of existing handling facilities
  • greater care in the handling of materials.