Any questions you want to practice should be geared towards your reliability, teamwork, and ability to follow instructions. Newspapers, websites, magazine publishers, or television or radio broadcasting should also be looking for motivation and enthusiasm for the specific position. You need to know some of the most common questions asked in interviews. Read the full article of Pritish Kumar Halder, in which he discusses 3 common questions and the sample answer of the Journalists Interview, with a list of topics.

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Try practicing some of these common Journalist job interview questions:


1.  Do you aspire to work for one of the top networks?


How to answer:  Interviewers ask this question more to gauge your understanding of the handful of largest news organizations in the world. Expressing interest in working for one of them also shows your great aspirations and potential talent. List the entities from memory, if possible, and focus on your preferred choice. Explain why you made your choice as well.


Answer:  “The Associated Press, Agence France Presse, and Reuters are the big names that I revere and respect. Working for the Associated Press has always been a dream. I was especially inspired by the piece that brought light to the Tuskegee experiments in the ’70s. It shows the power of good journalism and how it can change the world. Those are the types of pieces I want to write for you.”


2.  How do you feel about the regulation of social media and its effects on journalism?


How to answer:   Technology continues to alter the journalism landscape and many interviewers want to know your thoughts on the matter. Explain what you know about the issue and take a stance. Questions like this test your resolve in answering tough questions as well as posing them in journalistic interviews.


Answer:  “I believe there is a real problem with the type of media we consume on these sites. I also believe, as journalists, we have a right to share the news of the world with the populace. Nothing should be censored because it’s tough to see. At a previous publication I worked for, we were meticulous in creating our headlines for this reason. We found that the article reached more people and didn’t trigger any censorship from the platform.”


3.  What skills do you employ when interviewing individuals for stories?


How to answer:  Depending on who you’re interviewing and the context of the story, you might need to employ specific skills to get the answers you need. Explain the relevant skills you use in-depth and reference a previous experience in which you used these skills.


Answer:   “Excellent communication skills are key to interviews. Although, persuasive skills also play a large role for me. For example, when speaking with an individual about a previous story, I found it difficult to get the answers I needed. She was hesitant to divulge everything she knew, but I used persuasive tactics to put her at ease and open up more.”


Not every question you will encounter when interviewing for a Journalists position will be related to influencing a public opinion supportive job. But those are the common topics interviewer can ask for selecting a qualified candidate.

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Composed by: Suma Sarker