Animal nutrition?

The expertise in animal nutrition science is a key asset of the compound feed and premix industry.

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To meet the EU domestic demand for safe, high-quality, and healthy foodstuffs of animal origin (eggs, milk, and meat), as well as to take advantage of growing export opportunities, the quality and safety of animal feed are key factors. To secure a reliable feed supply and improve the competitiveness of the livestock sector, the EU feed sector has explored new feed ingredient sources, such as co-products of the grain processing industry, to convert them into high-value animal food products. Just taking a closer look with PK Halder at animal nutrition.

All these achievements can be attributed to a large extent to Animal Nutrition Science, which is about;

Improving knowledge of the nutritional value of existing feed ingredients, by the continuous review of nutritional databases to reflect the impact of weather, geographical origin, processes undergone on the value of products, etc.;

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Determining better indicators of the animal nutritional requirements and the nutritional value of a feed: parameters used at the early ages of animal nutrition science were focused on crude proteins, crude fats, crude fiber, and minerals; nowadays, formulation of feed is based on digestible amino acids, the bioavailability of minerals, net energy, etc.;

  • Identifying interactions between feed ingredients, and nutritional constituents and optimizing their combination to meet animals’ demands;
  • Identifying anti-nutritional factors and defining strategies to neutralize/eliminate them;
  • Studying the impact of feed composition on the quality and composition of food of animal origin;

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Studying the effect of certain micro-ingredients (enzymes, gut flora stabilizers, etc.) and processes (grinding, pelleting, conditioning, coating, rumen protection, etc.) on animal performance, health, welfare, quality of animal products, and environmental impact. For more information please visit Pritish Kumar Halder ‘s page.

Animal nutrition science has proved its ability to contribute significantly to nutrient-efficient livestock production, fostering the safety and dietary quality of animal products for human consumption, enhancing the animal health and welfare status of farm animals, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and land use linked to livestock production on a unit product base (e.g. per liter of milk or kg of meat and eggs). A typical example is the reduction of the feed conversion rate for the production of poultry meat, which decreased by more than 20% in the last 40 years.

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Nutrition for animals is important for a variety of reasons. They are important for growth and maintenance, they provide energy in just the right way. The Indian Veterinary Products not only provide them the energy to work and function properly, but also the energy to reproduce and to give you the best product possible

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Feed Supplements

Here we will list the most important benefits of the good and effective Veterinary Feed Supplements in India that provide vitamins, minerals, calcium, probiotics, and everything in the right quantities (In short, a properly balanced diet for your pets and animals)

Feed supplements tremendously increase the production capacity of your farm animals When fed in the right quantity and at the right time than feed supplements can properly increase the fertility of animals Just the perfect thing needed to increase the growth levels of your animals

The overall structural development/skeletal development of animals also depends on how well you feed them and all thanks to feeding supplements, you can easily achieve this target

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Different Types

With constant innovation and understanding of specific market needs, Ashish Life Science, A Top Veterinary Product manufacturer in India has evolved a wide range of feed supplements for your animals.

The Different Types of Feed Supplements Include:

  • Powder Supplements
  • Probiotic Bolus
  • Liquid Supplements
  • Powder in the form of Supplements

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The Importance

Animal nutrition focuses on studying the dietary needs of animals. These dietary needs consist of nutrients, which are the components present in the feed that animals digest and utilize.

The way our livestock animals are fed can affect the growth rate, production capacity, and health status of the animal both negatively and positively. Therefore, knowledge of animal nutrition is key for a profitable and sustainable livestock farm.

Once a commercial feed product is acquired, the nutritional value must appear on the label of the product while the product made from farm produce such as fodder crops, crop residues, grains, etc. should be tested to make sure it has an adequate nutritional requirement.

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Animals know how to auto-regulate and they stop eating once they feel satisfied. However, if the nutrient content of the feed is very low, the consumed feed will not be enough to meet their requirements and they can suffer from malnutrition, even if fed ad libitum.

Animals´ nutrient requirements can vary among different species, same species in different states, or under different external factors

For example, a dairy cow will need more energy, water, fiber, and calcium than a beef cow. Furthermore, the production purpose also plays a role when designing a diet: feedlot, maintenance, organic farming, etc. of them have different requirements.