After working with startups for the last decade, I decided that I wanted to create a movement that would help women in a big way. I wanted this to be my contribution to the world.

Working with startups in Silicon Valley was a great way for me to understand business lessons, wins, and failures. I learned how to manage a team and build a business from scratch. I learned who not to hire and how to prioritize chemistry when assembling a team. I knew that I wanted to work with people who also hoped to make a difference and contribute to the world. Without that, I couldn’t have succeeded in my career.

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When I was younger, I built a company called Global Marketing Tactics that didn’t do well. It was an epic fail. I tried working with many business coaches to save a sinking ship, but that didn’t work out in my favor. However, I saw this as a huge lesson in the trajectory of life. There are many lessons to learn when situations don’t work out.

With those lessons in mind, I started a new company in the chronic illness space. Here is what I did differently, and what you can learn from my journey:

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Don’t start with a product; start with a story.

Many companies start with a product. Founders are likely inspired by the famous “if we build it, they will come” mentality. I wish that were true, but in my experience, the companies following that adage are the same ones that have no customers showing up on the day of the product launch. Companies need to take a different approach when it comes to product development.

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I started with my story. For the first time in my life, I felt that I needed more people around me with whom I could personally connect, so I began putting my story out there. I had no expectations. I just felt that I could build connections with other women facing similar struggles, and maybe I could even help a few of them.

After I put my idea out there, to help women in the chronic illness space, I started advertising it for $5 a day and brought in over 700 women in less than a month. I was so happy because it was my birthday month, and I couldn’t believe I got the best gift of all: being able to help other women. I had demanded before I even knew what I would build for a product, and I believe this is the key to a successful business idea.

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Take a deep dive into consumer challenges.

Eventually, the demand for my group was so high that I knew I had to do something to help these women. They had all started sharing their struggles, and it touched my heart. With my passion and my startup background, I knew that I would be able to turn this idea into a company of real value.

When you begin to build out the different components of your offering, start with your target audience’s challenges and what results in consumers are hoping to achieve. Ask them questions about the value they want to see and what they have spent their money on in the past to address their challenges. When someone tells you about past purchases, it gives you an idea of what they are willing to spend and how much they know about similar offerings already.

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In talking to the women, I realized that they had been given general advice to address their health problems. I’m not a doctor, but I have worked closely with professionals for autoimmune conditions. I decided to call up those doctors and ask them if they could help the women I had built this group around. Most of them were more than happy to help, and it was mutually beneficial because it gave the doctors greater discovery.

The doctors started with a deep dive into gene mutations, possible infections, and viruses that were caused by environmental and genetic factors. When they applied treatment on that level, the women saw a difference in themselves and in how they were feeling.

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Turn your story into a business.

What’s the most important lesson? Turn your story into a tool for driving your business. I learned this by sharing my idea within groups; people became fascinated and ultimately joined my group as well. One of the main reasons I started my movement was to be able to work with powerful like-minded people. Remember, power is huge when you’re building a business in a specific niche.

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Consumers look for businesses that can help them, but there is a personal component beyond this as well. Say you’re a real estate agent, and another agent tells your client they can get them a better deal. Whom do you think the client is going to work with? That’s why it is important to have a powerful story that connects with your target audience. You aren’t hoping to build an audience; they are already there because they’ve been with you on the journey.

Build trust to take your business to the next level. Consumers will question a startup that has no community behind it, which is why your story matters.

 Success Comes To Those Who Work

This is truly the number one lesson that I have learned as a teen entrepreneur. Every single time that I put in work, I get a proportional amount of results and success from that work. The more work that I put in, the more success that occurs in my life, the more happy coincidences occur, and the more I realize that I achieve.

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 Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

This is the second biggest lesson that I have learned as a teen entrepreneur. After losing my first potential client because I didn’t follow up, my mind changed completely about how I needed to be approaching my sales process. I began to schedule my follow-up, figuring out when I should touch base with prospects, clients, and referrals next. This helped me not only increase sales but also develop a better relationship with my clients.

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Sales Is An Important Skill To Learn

Are one of the most important, most essential skills that I have learned in my life because it allows me to convey not only my products but also my ideas to others in a way that makes them enthusiastic about it too. Learning not just to “sell,” but also to communicate with people in a way that makes them interested in an essential skill, not just in business, but also in life. For more information please visit Pritish Kumar Halder ‘s page.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Another thing that most entrepreneurs need to learn is to take risks. More specifically, entrepreneurs need to learn to take evaluated, calculated risks that can help them grow their businesses. If you don’t take risks at all, you aren’t going to be able to achieve the level of success that you want to achieve in your business. True, stupid risks are bad, but taking risks that you have faith in might just be your path to success.

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Continue To Explore New Ideas

If you don’t keep your mind open to new ideas, your business isn’t going to be able to evolve with the market. Your business doesn’t just need to keep up with the market, you need to lead it. Your business needs to be ahead of the market and to do that, you need to continue to explore new ideas, new concepts, and new ways to do business. If you want to innovate, look at the world through a lens of “how can I innovate and improve at what I’m doing,” instead of, “how can I be better than my competition.” Your competition is a poor metric for success because they are whom you are competing against. Copying won’t get you ahead. The best it can do is tie you for first place, not advance you ahead of who was in the first place.

Hard Work Pays

When you work hard it pays off. It seems to me, the harder I work, the luckier I get. This seems true for me across many aspects of my life. You see, the more I focus on something, the more effort I put into it, the better it gets. Hard work in the right areas can pay dividends toward your success because your efforts continue to progress you forward, and progress is the biggest part of the journey to success.

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Plan, Set, Repeat

As a teen entrepreneur, it can be hard to see into the future. I found that one of the best things that have helped me do this is setting goals. When I set goals for myself and then create plans to achieve those goals, I could work hard at pursuing my goals and I then can take the right actions to get there. If you set your goals, create a plan of action, then implement it, you can achieve a tremendous amount, just because you have some idea of what you are doing.

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Success Is Ever Evolving

This isn’t just a static thing. Many would argue that you can’t just get success. You can achieve what other people think is a success, however, most people want to accomplish more. If you are anything like I am, I hate static. I hate staying the same, because being static is a sign of not progressing, and that isn’t something that any of us want to do.

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Manage Your Time

Another thing that I have found essential to my success as a teen entrepreneur is managing my time correctly. When I first started working towards my goals, I found it tiring, confusing, and unorganized. From that point on, I set out to understand how I could create a schedule for myself that was challenging and allowed me to accomplish my goals. I now have a calendar with my tasks, a to-do list for the morning that I write before I go to bed, and habits that I implement to help me achieve success.

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Consistency and Frequency Are Your Best Friend

Being both consistent and frequent in the actions that you are taking to achieve your success is the key to really achieving anything. As I was saying earlier, hard work is essential. If you don’t work to achieve your goals consistently, you aren’t going to achieve many of them at all. If you aren’t consistent and frequent about your pursuit of success, it is going to be extremely difficult for you to achieve the things that you want to achieve in your life.

In Conclusion…

I hope that this list helps you achieve more in your entrepreneurial ventures. The most important thing to remember is that no matter your age if you are alive, you can achieve more. Keep working towards your goals, work hard, stay hungry, and remember to be great.