E-Business (electronic business) is any process that a business organization conducts over a computer-mediated network. Business organizations include any for-profit, governmental, or nonprofit entity. Their processes include production-, customer-, and internal- or management-focused business processes.

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It is also known as supplier exchange in which business to business, business to government, business to consumer, and sales of services are made with the help of the internet. Basically, e-procurement is a way adopted by companies to reduce costs and efforts by sourcing products or services electronically.

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  1. Online Stores

It is electronic sourcing (website or application) for products or services, such as online shopping stores. Online stores are also known as e-shops, internet shops, web-store, virtual stores, web-shop, m-commerce, and online storefront. The main purpose of these online stores is to save precious time and money.

Anyone can buy products or services by making online payments using credit cards, cash on delivery, and other payment methods. The owners of online stores should host their eCommerce website on the PCI compliant hosting because Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) makes it compulsory for those who are accepting the online payments.

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  1. Online Marketplace

It is electronic commerce that connects the buyers and suppliers to the services or products over the internet. Keep in mind, that the operator of an online marketplace only presents the inventory of other people and provides the transaction facility.

Moreover, the following are also known as e-business areas:

  1. Online Communities

Online communities (also known as web communities or internet communities) are groups of people having the same interests or purposes who use the internet to communicate with each other. It is used between individuals and organizations to prepare transaction decisions

  1. Online Companies

Electronic business cooperation connects the individual companies and forms a virtual business with a common transaction offer.

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Order Fulfillment Process

The order fulfillment process is based on all the activities needed for a customer to get his ordered product or service including the related customer services. What is e-business and how the orders are processed are discussed with the help of particular figures.

. Product inquiry

You are surfing the website of any well-reputed business brand manufacturing laptops, desktops, or monitors, and able to view their all products.

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  1. Sales Quote

Laptop prices, screen size, or usage are clearly mentioned on the website for the sales quotation for customers.

  1. Order Configuration

Once the customers select what they proposed to purchase, the number of products is easily adjusted or canceled during this phase.

  1. Order Booking

This phase includes the booking of products available on the website, such as desktops, laptops, or necessary accessories.

  1. Order Confirmation

This process ensures the details of the order such as prices and quantities are accurate.

  1. Billing

Billing is the process that enables customers to pay for the products by Visa, cheque, ATM, or other available payment methods.

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  1. Order Planning

Every customer has different options for delivery, so the order will be delivered accordingly.

  1. Order Processing

Once the order is confirmed, the company ensures the right item in the right quantity, time, place, price, and condition to the right customer.

  1. Shipment

According to the customers’ requirements, the products will be delivered by means of an express, Air-to-Sea initiative, and so on.

  1. Delivery

The products will be delivered within a given time slot at the right address.

  1. Settlement

It is the method to settle all the remaining charges, like delivery costs or extra products care expenditure.

  1. Returns

Most of the companies offer the returns option with their particular terms and conditions. So, any customer who has received the products with any technical or physical problems of products, can easily return their products within a specified period.

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E-Business Model

What is electronic business model and its components? In fact, it is a way that describes how a company functions to provide the services or products and how it generates profits. Moreover, it also defines how a company will create and adapt to new technologies or markets. All components of a business model work together for successful business operations.


What is e-business concept and how is it essential for a successful business? It describes the basic information of the business including goals, vision, products, and offers from which it will earn revenue. The effective concept is based on market analysis that will identify the customers’ interests to purchase the product and how much they can pay for it.

What is e-business concept? It is based on goals such as “Become a major bus seller or commercial enterprise” and objectives such as “have $80 million in revenues in five years”. Whether the company is prepared to achieve its goals and objectives addressed in the implementation plan for running a business and in the business plan process for startup companies.

Corporate strategies are also embedded in the e-business concept and describe how the business concept will be implemented and can be modified in order to enhance business performance.

Business concept and market research are important to understand the market, who comprises it, and what they want. Once the market research is done, now the pricing should be established according to the competition.

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  1. Value Proposition

As the name denotes, the value proposition is a value that an organization or business will provide to its customers. It may include one or more of the following points:

  • Reduced price
  • Improved service or better functionalities with user-friendliness
  • Speedy delivery and improved assistance
  • Products or services that result in greater efficiency and productivity
  • Access to available inventory has different options for the buyer
  • Value Delivery With The Help Of Integrations

Every functional website is based on two parts: frontend for dealing directly with the customers and the backend in order to automate the online operations of the company without having direct dealing with customers. Order placements using POS (Point of Sales) systems, product customization, tracking, and order fulfillment are the activities that require integrated systems.

  1. Sources of Revenue

What does eCommerce mean and how do companies earn revenue? Ecommerce is also known as Electronic/internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of services/products. It also includes the online payment options for a great online shopping experience. So, e-business will have three, four, or a mix of the following sources referred to as a revenue model:

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliation
  • Agent/Representative commissions
  • Licensing
  • Sales commissions
  • Sponsorship
  • Syndication
  • Use Fees
  • Subscription
  1. Required Activities, Resources, and Capabilities

In order to carry out the mission of the business, different activities are required and certain resources are needed. For example, professional employees with specific skills or capabilities can better perform particular business activities. For more information please visit Pritish Kumar Halder ‘s page.

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Particular business processes or groups of processes that are required to implement the business concept are known as activities. The operational business model is used to identify the costs/expenses and outputs of each activity.

What is e-business and its processes? Keep in mind, that some of the e-business activities may infringe on patents. Different business processes or “Methods of doing business” might be patented, so that the business model may unintentionally include the intellectual property and patents will be freely awarded for business processes. For example:

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Amazon’s “one-click” purchasing patent has the most widely renowned patent infringement case because buyers can easily buy the products and services without using a shopping cart. Several companies have patented Internet Business Models, which are being used by many companies. So, they charge for licensing otherwise they will face problems in the future development of e-business.

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Organizations require human, tangible, intangible, and supporting resources in order to perform their activities in an efficient manner. Tangible resources are also known as physical and financial including company equipment, case reserves, and facilities.

Whereas the intangible resources include the customized software, customer data, intellectual property, and business processes that can be patented. Supporting resources include the IT and communication processes and organizational structure.


Workers with the required skills are vital for every successful business. What is e-business and Why are the capabilities necessary?  E-business is similar to the traditional business except for internet presence, broader audience, and buying facility without visiting the company’s outlet. First/initial wages are the highest cost for a business and capable workers may not be available all the time.