Human life is often compared to a Journey full of mutations, ups and downs. Also, multiple sources and scopes of learning affect minds on a larger picture. People who look upto different spheres of learning new things are counted as gradual progressors by society. Similarly, few of those brilliant personalities are created only to pursue their ambitions. They are masterful in life, skilled in their trade, and elegant in their job. 

One of those ideal personalities is Pritish Kumar Halder. He is a well-known face of the Information technology and consulting industry also known as PK Halder. Pritish Kumar Halder is a multifaceted individual in knowledge and technology outsourcing. He is a person that holds a variety of abilities. He is informed about almost every subject, and the users will learn something new from the information he offers. He is educated on the most recent technological developments and their applications on the web.

Considering Pritish Kumar Halder’s years of experience and expertise 

Pritish Kumar Halder has 22 years of experience in core programming and computer applications. He gained much computer knowledge during his two decades in the same industry, including several computer fundamentals and innovations. The following are the notable high points of Pritish Kumar Halder’s career: 

  • For 22 years, Pritish Kumar Halder worked as a software developer. He developed expertise in advanced software development techniques there.
  • In addition to software creation, Pritish Halder is well-versed in and skilled in several coding languages. He has spent more than 15 years becoming an expert in Java, JEE, JSE, and JSP.
  • Pritish Kumar Halder has been working on Coldfusion for 15 years, similar to their prior experience.
  • Pritish Kumar Halder has at least six years of extensive, hands-on experience developing multi-tiered e-Commerce systems.
  • Pritish Kumar Halder has more than five years of experience with relational database applications utilizing Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000/08, and MySQL.
  • Pritish Kumar Halder has a working knowledge of the software development life cycle (SDLC), including design, development, testing, deployment, production, and maintenance. 
  • He has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and is a self-driven, skilled learner.
  • His experience in creating ERP solutions, which are used to manage regular corporate operations, spans more than three years.
  • Additionally, he has five or more years of experience working with relational database systems, including Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000/08, and MySQL.
  • For more than 7 years, Pritish Kumar Halder has integrated Ant, SVN version control, MS VSS, and Tomcat while working with Eclipse. 
  • Pritish Kumar Halder also has more than six years of expertise and is knowledgeable in Sencha Touch, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, and JQuery.

Concluding with 

The complete information presented here has been carefully reviewed, verified, and well-validated. Pritish Kumar Halder is a diligent individual with a vast understanding of the most recent technology in the information technology industry.