In a move that’s making waves across the digital landscape, X, previously known as Twitter and now under the ownership of Elon Musk, is preparing to transform the way news links are presented to its users. The proposed change involves displaying news links without any accompanying headlines or descriptions, focusing solely on the link and its corresponding header image. This significant shift aims to enhance the visual appeal of posts and streamline the user experience.


Simplifying the News Link Presentation

The Traditional Presentation: Currently, when a news article or blog post is shared on Twitter, a preview card accompanies the post, showcasing the headline, summary text (on the web), and the header image.

A Fresh Approach: The forthcoming alteration would truncate the preview card, retaining only the link itself and the header image. This means that users encountering a post would see just the link and the associated image, leaving out any textual details.


Aesthetic Enhancement and Aims

Musk’s Direct Confirmation: Elon Musk personally confirmed this change, highlighting its origin and potential aesthetic impact on the platform. He believes that this shift will “greatly improve the aesthetics” of posts.

Streamlining for User Convenience: The adjustment is aligned with the goal of optimizing the use of screen space, allowing more posts to fit on one screen. By removing excess text, the platform aims to offer a cleaner and more efficient user experience.


Reducing Clickbait and Potential Implications

The Motivation Behind the Change: Elon Musk’s perspective suggests that this alteration could help curb the spread of clickbait by removing headlines from the initial post view.

The Counterpoint: While the removal of headlines might discourage clickbait, it introduces a potential loophole. Publications or blogs can still employ enticing text alongside the link to entice users to click.


Shifting Attitudes Toward News Links

Context of Recent Events: The move comes amidst a lawsuit by the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency against X in France. The lawsuit is centered around the platform’s refusal to discuss compensation for news content displayed on the platform.

Friendliness Toward News Links: The platform’s approach to displaying news links seems to be evolving, potentially reflecting shifting priorities or strategic considerations.


Technical Glitches and Functional Upgrades

Recent Technical Glitch: X faced a bug that disrupted links and images posted before December 2014 via its native service. The company acknowledged the issue and pledged to resolve it in the coming days.

User Interaction Update: X is also in the process of overhauling its user interaction features, replacing the ability to block users with a more nuanced mute feature. This alteration allows users to follow others without engaging in direct interactions.



As X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, prepares to reconfigure the display of news links, its intentions and potential implications have sparked discussions among users and industry observers. The balance between aesthetic appeal, user experience, and news consumption dynamics remains at the forefront of this evolution. As X embraces these changes, the digital landscape eagerly anticipates their impact on how news is accessed and interacted with on the platform.


Pritish Kumar Halder is a tech enthusiast and content creator with a deep fascination for the intricate interplay between technology and human experiences. Armed with a background in computer science, Pritish Kumar Halder strives to decode complex tech developments and share them with readers in an engaging and accessible manner. His passion for demystifying technological advancements aligns perfectly with his goal to empower readers to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.