Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the present? In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with the here and now. Here are three straightforward yet powerful techniques to guide you back into the present moment.


  1. Close the Tabs: Embrace Single-Tasking

In our increasingly hectic lives, we often fall into the trap of multitasking, believing it will boost our productivity. However, what we label as multitasking is often just task-switching. Our brains struggle to focus on multiple complex tasks simultaneously.

Next time you catch yourself attempting to multitask, challenge yourself to concentrate on one task at a time. Close those extra tabs on your computer when working on a project, resist the urge to search for movie actors while watching a film, and keep your phone in your pocket while waiting in line. Even when scrolling through social media, do it with intention and full engagement. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, “Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in… Scrolling mindlessly, I know that I am scrolling mindlessly.”

  1. Reflect: Are Mind and Body Aligned?

Have you ever arrived at a destination and realized you don’t remember the journey? Or spent an entire walk with your dog lost in work-related thoughts? Mundane activities like brushing your teeth or doing the dishes can be opportunities to be fully present but often become autopilot experiences. Eckhart Tolle’s description of humans as “lost in thought” is quite fitting.

A simple question can help: “Are my mind and body in the same place?” If the answer is no, follow it up with “What is here now?” With around 60,000 daily thoughts, mostly repetitive, our external and internal worlds are far more intriguing than we realize.


  1. Take a Single Breath

Sharon Salzberg wisely said, “That’s life: starting over, one breath at a time.” Breathing is a fundamental bridge between body and mind, readily available as long as we are alive.

Take a moment to focus on your breath. Follow it for one full cycle, from the inhalation’s arrival in your body, softening your belly, expanding your ribs, lifting your chest, to the slight pause before the exhale begins. What happens in that momentary gap before the breath leaves your body? Follow the breath all the way out.


Embrace Mindfulness in Your Life

If one of these techniques resonates with you, commit to practising it for a week and observe the impact it has on your daily life. These simple methods can be your gateway to a more mindful and present existence.


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Author Introduction: Pritish Kumar Halder


Meet Pritish Kumar Halder, a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and certified yoga instructor. With a deep passion for helping individuals reconnect with the present moment, Pritish shares valuable insights on three simple techniques to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life. Stay tuned for more mindfulness and well-being tips from Pritish.