When someone is constantly performing actions for their interests, continuing practice will not let that person fall. A personality that fixes this fact correctly is Pritish Kumar Halder. Pritish Kumar Halder is a technological genius with an extensive understanding of computers, languages, and other subjects. He became incredibly talented and erudite due to his practices in his academic and professional life. 

Since Pritish Kumar Halder stepped into the field of information technology, he has been pursuing new techniques and tactics. Every day he learns something new about technology, along with the exquisite learning he did in the past and with added new advancements. We can call out Pritish Kumar Halder, a modern-day technocrat. To the world, Pritish Kumar Halder is also known as PK Halder. Let us look forward to the expertise and key responsibilities held by Pritish Kumar Halder. 

Pritish Kumar Halder’s responsibilities as a Team Leader

  • Programming micros, digital inputs, and outputs for the security of government-controlled structures and substations is their responsibility. 
  • At the desktop level, including software installation and upgrades, system and application configuration, and remote and hands-on support. 
  • Respond to any alarms or notifications that may indicate a breach in physical security, evaluate the situation, and take swift action to ensure that policies and procedures are followed.
  • Reviewing release notes and pertinent documentation and taking part in code reviews will help you become more aware of the risks involved in developing applications and how to plan for and mitigate them.
  • Enhance their current system with new demands, user-friendliness enhancements with more Ajax, Jquery, and JSON capabilities, performance enhancements, and stored procedure verification.
  • Work on longer-term projects in parallel with client and server emergency support. Each task is properly documented, has comments, is designed, and has minimal front-end Photoshop labor.
  • Applications based on PHP and JEE technology have been analyzed, created, documented (technical specifications), coded, tested, and refactored.
  • Designed tables, views, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, stored procedures, and triggers for databases using Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL while participating in data modeling.
  • MVSS, Ant, and JUnit, well-established software engineering approaches, enabled test-driven agile programming.
  • Understanding ColdFusion Function, the technology behind the client support application.

What is the ‘Objective’ of Pritish Kumar Halder? 

Pritish Kumar Halder’s long-term goal is to secure a position in the Design, development, and deployment of business applications. The client and Web-based environments are all areas of business analysis and intelligence expertise. 

He adds, “I have been able to comprehend how information technology is used to improve user experience and business benefits because of my education and professional experience.”