Ottawa, the vibrant capital of Canada, has consistently earned its place as one of the top cities to reside in. Boasting a thriving economy, diverse community, and outstanding educational institutions, Ottawa attracts immigrants and newcomers seeking affordable real estate in Ontario. This guide explores 10 compelling reasons why Ottawa stands out as an exceptional place to call home.

  1. Affordable Real Estate Market:
    Despite a 17.6% increase in average housing prices, Ottawa’s real estate market remains competitive. The average home price, over $677,000, is significantly lower than in major cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

    The city’s real estate market offers a diverse inventory with around three months of supply for condos and standalone homes.

  1. Strategic Location:
    Ottawa’s prime location on the banks of the Ottawa River makes it an ideal base for exploring major cities like Toronto and Montreal. Additionally, easy access to the U.S. border provides opportunities for cross-border travel.
  1. Quality Education:
    Ottawa provides excellent English and French education through four distinct school boards: English, English-Catholic, French, and French-Catholic.

    Home to two universities and two colleges, including the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Ottawa offers diverse educational opportunities.

  1. Minimal Traffic Congestion:
    While Ottawa experiences rush hours, traffic congestion is notably less severe than in larger Canadian cities. Recent expansions, such as the improved 401, have alleviated local traffic.
  1. Varied Weather Experience:
    Ottawa experiences all four seasons, with winters being notably cold. However, unique winter attractions, like the Rideau Canal turning into the world’s longest skating rink, offer distinctive experiences.

    Spring and fall offer mild weather, and summers bring long, hot days.

  1. Economic Stability and Job Market:
    Ottawa’s solid job market, driven by federal government employment, ensures economic stability.

    The city’s growth in high-tech industries, earning it the moniker “Silicon Valley North,” contributes to a diverse job market.

  1. Vibrant Celebrations:
    Ottawa hosts numerous festivals and events year-round, including Bluesfest, Canada Day celebrations, Winterlude, Canadian Tulip Festival, and the Fringe Festival.
  1. Extensive Bike Paths and Trails:
    A paradise for cyclists, Ottawa boasts an 800-kilometer network of bike paths and trails. These paths offer a safe and scenic means of transportation.
  1. Top-Notch Healthcare:
    Ottawa’s healthcare system is renowned, with world-class hospitals such as The Ottawa Hospital, Queensway-Carleton Hospital, and The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  1. Abundant Recreation Opportunities:
  • Ottawa features over 40 museums, including the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian Museum of History, and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.
  • The city’s parks, outdoor spaces, and attractions like Rideau Canal and ByWard Market provide ample opportunities for recreation.


  • Ottawa’s appeal as a great place to live lies in its affordability, strategic location, quality education, minimal traffic congestion, diverse weather experiences, economic stability, vibrant celebrations, extensive bike paths, top-notch healthcare, and abundant recreational opportunities. If you’re contemplating a move to Canada’s capital, Ottawa promises a high quality of life and diverse opportunities.

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